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frozen strawberry puree

frozen strawberry puree

Description Strawberry puree single strength with seed by 2-Stage
triturator with sieve size 3mm/1.5mm
Raw Material Fruits of Chinese origin which are used for puree
processing must be dark red color,whole,sound,fresh,
fully ripe,not rotten and mouldy,with typical strawberry
taste and odour.
Chemical Product is free of additive and preservative.
Production Certifications HACCP,ISO9001:2000,KOSHER,BRC
Allergen status No allergen is present in product
GMO Status No GM material present in product or 
production facility.
Additives No additive or preservative
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-Brix Average8°+-1°(Refractometric uncorrected for acidity)
-Acidity 9+-2g/L(as Tartaric acid at PH=7)
-PH 3.3+/-0.2
Packaging Double polylined steel drum of 175kgs net or plastic
pail of 14.5kgs net or 10kgs net polylined carton
Microbiological limits
-TPC <10,000/g
-Coliform <30/g
-E.Coli Nil
-Moulds <500/g
-Yeast <500/g
-Staphylacoccus aureus(detection/25g) Nil
-Bacillus cereus(detection/25g) Nil
-Salmonella sp(detection/25g) Nil
-Listeria Monocytogenes(detection/25g) Nil
Storage Recommended Storage Conditions
Frozen(-18℃) 1 years.
Marking Supplier's Name
Product Name
Production date and batch number
Net Weight
Storage conditions:-18℃
country of origin.
The packer reserves the right to change the specification for and individual crop,if the  
product variations are caused by untypical conditions and natural fluctuation.
frozen strawberry puree
Add:Rm16A,TowerA,Shum Yip Building,9shandong Road,Qingdao,China Postal
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